How do 1 800 Numbers Work?


1-800 numbers (along with 1-888, 877, 866, 855 and 844) are toll free numbers that passes the expense for a call to a business, rather than the user making the call. Long distance charges can be very expensive, and for a long conversation (sometimes necessary when discussing business) this racks up quickly.

How Do I Get One?

In order to obtain a toll free number, one must go through a “Responsible Organization,” which is a service provider or someone else with access to the FCC’s database. Typically, a Responsible Organization will purchase the number once they have a subscriber who wants one. Subscribers can request a specific sequence or the numbers that correspond to a name (example: 1-800-NUMBERS). This is called a vanity number.

Why Do I Want a Vanity Number?

Vanity numbers can provide several valuable functions for business owners. It increases the likelihood of remembering a toll free number. A customer who’s looking for a company that sells dirt will be more likely to remember the number 1-800-SELDIRT than a random number assigned to a company. Moreover, this serves as a means of free advertising, as for example, a business like 1-800-FLOWERS. Not only is this beneficial for them, but this has become their actual business name.

1-800 numbers offer your business the flexibility of receiving calls without costing your customer. This allows more potential customers, both national and international to contact your business. Finally, obtaining a 1-800 number can significantly increase your recognition, drive your business growth, and reach more clients in more places. It also adds validity and legitimacy to a business, ras opposed to using a standard area code. This makes customers more likely to trust your business.

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