WebRTC and the Virtual Phone Number: Will Web Browsers Replace Phone Companies?

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There is a revolution taking place on the internet right now as companies like Google, Mozilla and Opera have come together to try and change the way we communicate. How do they plan to do it? With an API called WebRTC. Web Real-Time Communication would remove the necessity of plugins and programs to connect people via video or audio chats. In other words, you wouldn’t have to download anything more than a browser in order to connect with people from around the world.

With several big names working together to make WebRTC a reality, will there still be a need for virtual phone numbers or traditional phone service? That is the question that a lot of companies find themselves asking as communications technology continues to evolve. With the creation of this latest API project, Google and other companies hope to make communicating online easier than ever before, but does that mean there is no room for other services? Absolutely not.

What Happens in the Browser, Stays in the Browser

Although it might seem like this technology is a hop and a skip away from entirely changing the way we do business, the truth is that it is somewhat limited. WebRTC is designed to make it easier for browsers to connect to each other. With just a click of a button, users will be able to instantly connect with other people and businesses. Before you let this concern you, consider the following:

That virtual phone number you are providing on your website? What if you turned it into a link to your phone number? What if people could instantly call you from their web browser without having to pick up a phone? That is the true potential of WebRTC. You’ll still need a virtual phone number, but you might be using it differently. The many advantages offered by VoIP services will still be valuable because the only thing this interface will do is make it easier for people to connect to them. To put it simply, this is not a true replacement for phone systems.

WebRTC Currently Lacks Support

While several companies have agreed to work together on this project, others have yet to show their support. Both Microsoft and Apple "two industry giants" are keeping their plans a secret. Regardless, it looks like this new interface is going to become a reality eventually, as many industry analysts are predicting that both companies will soon support the initiative.

With top industry browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera already supporting the API, there is a strong push to make this happen. Of course, both Microsoft and Apple are both focused on branding their content, so it is likely that they will find their own way to make Web Real-Time Communication a part of their plan for the future.

Change is Coming, But It’s Not What You Think

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It is more than likely that this new technology will eventually become a part of our everyday lives, but will it change the way we do business forever? Well, it will definitely change how we connect with people. Instead of being forced to write down or remember phone numbers, people will be able to simply click on a link and be instantly connected. This link can be used to connect to a virtual phone number, and businesses will then enjoy the benefits of that service even more.

If anything, WebRTC has the potential to increase the number of calls that businesses receive through virtual phone numbers. Depending on their industry, a business might decide that they can use this new technology to establish video calls with customers, giving them the ability to both physically and verbally communicate when need be. Regardless, chances are that they would not be able to rely simply upon this new API to handle all of their communication needs. Instead, WebRTC could be used to fill in the gaps and create new lines of communication that had not been feasible before.

Some analysts are predicting that Web Real-Time Communication could be supported by over 5 billion devices by the year 2017. If Microsoft and Apple finally jump on board, this is definitely a possibility. It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to take advantage of this great new technology, because it is most likely going to change everything. By finding ways to integrate WebRTC into your plans for communications, you might just discover that this new interface will actually make your virtual phone number more valuable.