Finding the Best Available Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Number Benefits

When a business is getting ready to choose phone service, they have several choices available. A company can use a local number, a regular toll free number, or a vanity toll free number. There are several benefits to choosing a toll free number. It gives your business a professional image, protects your personal phone privacy, and a vanity toll free number can be a great advertising tool to make your company more memorable.

Getting a Number through a Local Phone Company

A toll free number that operates in the United States can be obtained through a local telephone company. Businesses that choose to use their local company may get a deal by bundling this service with the rest of their telecom package. However, using a local phone company limits your ability to shop around for the best rates – you are only able to choose from providers in your area.

Getting a Number Online

Getting a toll free number through an online company gives you the most flexibility when it comes to choosing feature packages and comparing rates. Companies looking for a national 800 number within the United States can also compare what they find online with their local provider’s offer.

Many businesses use a toll free number as a way to expand their business overseas. An international expansion can be very costly if the company intends to establish physical offices and local employees in a new country. However, by using an international toll free number, a business can establish a local presence in a new country while still routing calls to their usual employees. International toll free numbers are not available from a local American phone company, but there are many online providers who can offer excellent rates.