Business Etiquette: North America

North America is dominated by three of the largest countries on Earth: Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Because of their size, each area has very distinct regional differences in culture, business practices, and in some cases, language.

In the United States, there is often a sharp divide between the traditional East Coast and unconventional West--not to mention the sprawling Middle America. The same goes for Canada, where the people identify closely with their province and often reject the perceived similarities between themselves and the United States. For it's part Mexico is caught between the economic juggernaut of the United States and it's cultural ties to Latin America, making it a unique and vibrant business environment.

These countries make it all the more important to remember that while you can get a sense of general etiquette guidelines for various countries, it is important to pay attention to your business associates and get a sense of how they expect business to be conducted and completed.

When in doubt, learn as much as you can before you abroad, but always approach any international business negotiations with a respectful and open attitude. Your business with benefit in the end!

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