What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a service that routes incoming call to any number chosen by the subscriber. Calls can be routed — without the knowledge of the caller — to a call center, a home, even a mobile phone. This gives businesses control over their phone system, improves customer service and streamlines communication between customers and the business representatives.

Advanced Features

Sequential dialing is a call forwarding feature that rings several lines, one after the other, in the event that one or more lines are occupied. If the primary line is busy, the second pre-determined number is called, then the third, and so on. Simultaneous dialing forwards incoming calls to several numbers at the same time. Both features reduce hold times and all but eliminate the chance that the caller will reach a busy signal or a voicemail.


Call forwarding provides uniformity for businesses that operate in different regions of the country or the world. Any incoming call — no matter its origin — can be routed to the destination phone, meaning that customer in Akron, Ohio or Bangladesh can call the same number, have the call routed to the same place, and never know that they didn't call a direct line.

Call forwarding gives businesses the flexibility to filter calls by origin, call type and schedule. Getting the right calls to the right destination at the right time is the essence of customer service, and call forwarding allows even small businesses to have a big-league phone system.