How to Activate a Cheap Virtual Phone Number

Activating a Cheap Virtual Number

Having a cheap phone number is a great thing – especially when that phone number is a virtual number with a different area code in a strategic locality. Moreover, activating a cheap virtual number allows your company or business international access to countries in which you wish to make and receive calls – without the cost of international tolls and rates.

How Does It Help You?

Virtual numbers offer your business many features that an analog line does not, like hunt groups, time of day forwarding, advanced call routing, and other call forwarding options. It allows customers to call your business any time of day, and your business to forward those calls wherever, whenever you need it to. In short, activating a cheap virtual phone number increases your productivity, saves you money, and lets you work more efficiently – instead of harder.

Helping Grow Your Business

Virtual numbers can help your business by giving you a presence in areas you’re moving in to, or a new state that makes your business look local. The same principle applies internationally; customers see a country or area code they’re comfortable with.

Activating a cheap virtual phone number only takes about 3 minutes, and we offer a free trial period for your new number. Our customer portal is easy to activate and change features for your convenience, so you can take full advantage of the entire portfolio of options. Regardless of what country, state, or region you’re aiming for, we can help in assisting your business grow. Contact us today to take advantage of your virtual number.