eVoice Reviews: Virtual Business PBX

How hard is it to use the control panel?

Robust, yet intuitive.

How long does it take to activate new numbers?

It happens very quickly. Just a few steps in the control panel and you've added/deleted a number.

How hard to add new numbers?

Adding new numbers to eVoice is relatively easy.

What is the voice quality of calls?

Compared to the quality expected of the average VoIP call, eVoice’s voice quality leaves much to be desired.

What are the different pricing structures?

Freelancers & Consultants Plan
Cost: $12.99
Features: two extensions, 300 monthly minutes, call screening.

Small Businesses Plan
Cost: $29.99
Features: 5 extensions included, 1,000 monthly minutes, call scheduler.

Mobile Workforce Plan
Cost: $29.99
Features: per user pricing, 2,000 monthly minutes, Call announce

Do they offer fax-to-email?


Do they offer voicemail-to-email?


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Can you forward to mobile phones or other phones?


Do they do simultaneous and sequential ringing?

eVoice has the ability to dial up to three numbers at a time, or it can dial down a list.

Can you implement rules for time/day call routing?


Do they offer international, country-specific ringback tones?

eVoice didn’t specifically address country-specific dial-tones on their website.

Do they offer vanity toll free numbers?


Do they offer free trials?


Do they require contracts?


What are the failover routing features?

eVoice uses the Digital Public Switch Telephone Network, which is superior to VOIP technology in its sturdiness in protecting from network outages.

Can you activate multiple extensions?

A limited number of extensions may be activated at one time.

How does call routing work?

Incoming calls to your business number or extension can be routed--simultaneously or sequentially--to multiple numbers. If you have three numbers that you use every day—your work, mobile, and home office numbers, you can have eVoice find you any time at any of these numbers.

Can you transfer calls between extensions?


Can you activate caller identification?