How to Get Free 0845 Numbers

Improve Business Relations with International Fax Numbers

What is a Free 0845 Number?

Free 0845 numbers are phone numbers that customers from all over the world can use to call your business at no cost to them. In addition to reducing your business overheads, free 0845 phone numbers can boost your business presence, helping to convert your company into a global enterprise.

How Can I Get a Free 0845 Number?

With TollFreeForwarding, activating a free 0845 number is easy, and it doesn’t even have to cost you a penny. The TollFreeForwarding risk-free trial can be activated in as few as three minutes, and includes comprehensive 0845 number service for thirty days. Unlike other phone service plans, 0845 packages from TollFreeForwarding are contract-free, enabling the kind of plan flexibility that is essential for every growing business. In addition to eliminating early termination fees, TollFreeForwarding guarantees free service activation and limitless system scalability.

How Free 0845 Numbers Can Grow Your Business

Free 0845 numbers enable even small businesses to expand on an international scale. With virtual 0845 numbers, you can activate phone numbers that are local to area codes all over the world. When dialed, these local international phone numbers forward to your regular business line without charging your consumers any long distance toll fees. By creating the impression that you have business locations all over the globe, virtual international phone numbers can significantly boost your brand reputation and product sales.

Every TollFreeForwarding package comes free with Hosted PBX service, ensuring that your business is fully equipped to handle the increase in incoming call traffic that is part and parcel of toll free number activation. Hosted PBX enables easy phone system management, providing free call recording, time/day call routing, and fax-to-email forwarding. With the TollFreeForwarding online control center, all of your phone system features can be managed online, making on-the-go business management easier than ever before for the busy entrepreneur.