What is a Free International Number?

Get a Toll Free Number to Expand Your Reach

Businesses trying to expand their reach to international markets should consider a free international number. An international phone number will blend in with other phone numbers in global markets, allowing you to make your business look friendly and familiar even if you aren’t located in the area. By choosing a toll free phone number for your international number, you’ll also be able to spare your new callers the expense of long distance charges and give them the service they expect without charging them a dime for the call. With services provided by TollFreeForwarding.com, you can make international calls even more personal and attend to a whole new customer base with a variety of helpful tools that will give you complete control over your new toll free number.

Take Control of Your International Communications

Thanks to the plethora of features available from TollFreeForwarding.com, you can take complete control over your free international number. You’ll be able to forward calls to any location or device, including landlines, VoIP phones and mobile devices. In addition, you’ll also have access to time of day call routing, which will allow you to route calls to different location depending on the time of day and other factors. This is an incredibly useful tool for international phone numbers, because it will allow you to control how and when you take calls from international markets. Another important feature offered for free is the international ringback tone, which presents callers with the ringback tone from their area, assuring them that they will not be charged and they are contacting a familiar and friendly source.

Try a Free International Number for Free

That's right, if you still aren't convinced that TollFreeForwarding.com is the right choice for your international phone number needs, you can try out their services without paying a penny thanks to their free trial. With no contract to sign and no hidden fees, you'll be able to obtain a toll free number without any hassle and test out the many features offered by TollFreeForwarding.com at no cost whatsoever. Discover for yourself why so many well known and respected companies have chosen to do business with this industry leader by taking advantage of their free trial. Make the move to expand the reach of your business to international markets with the help of a free international number.