How to Set Up a Free International Phone Number

Affordable Calling with a Free International Phone Number

With international calling rates skyrocketing, operating on a global scale can seem like an impossible dream for small-midsize business owners. Fortunately, thanks to recent advances in telecommunications technology, it’s finally possible to take your business international without paying the price. With a free international phone number from, expanding your business can even help to improve your customer service standards, streamline your phone system, and reduce your telecommunications bill.

Setting Up Your First Free International Phone Number

Setting up your first free international phone number is quick and easy with To get started, all you have to do is decide in which area code you would like to activate your first international phone number. Once you’ve chosen your area code, TollFreeForwarding can get your new phone number set up in as few as three minutes. Since TollFreeForwarding’s international phone numbers aren’t routed traditionally, you’ll never have to pay international toll charges on your incoming or outgoing calls. If you’re not sure whether or not an international phone number is the right choice for your business, you can even try one for free for 30 days with the TollFreeForwarding risk-free trial.

The Benefits of Activating a Free International Phone Number

Since all of TollFreeForwarding’s international phone numbers come free with Hosted PBX, activating your first international phone number can even help to improve your customer service standards. Hosted PBX offers all of the features of traditional PBX, but requires no installation or maintenance. With Hosted PBX, you can activate an unlimited number of lines and extensions, ensuring that you are always able to route incoming calls easily and efficiently to an available customer service agent.

All of TollFreeForwarding’s advanced calling features can be managed through the easy-to-use Online Control Center. The control center can be accessed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, at any time; making phone system management easy even for on-the-go business owners and entrepreneurs.