What is a Free Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Numbers: A Boon for Business

A free virtual phone number is a phone number — acquired at no cost — that links not to an actual phone line, but to a call-routing service that forwards any incoming calls to a line or series of lines that the subscriber chooses. When a business sets up a free virtual phone number, it does so for cost effectiveness, credibility, customer service and the ability to expand. A free virtual phone number often comes with a subscription to the service.

Immediate Savings

It used to be that in order for a business to have a reliable, modern phone system, it had to either build or lease expensive, complicated infrastructure, which needed to be maintained and updated by dedicated, in-house staff. But with a free virtual phone number, businesses can have all incoming calls routed to the appropriate destination, depending on the type of call, the place of the call's origin or even the time of day.

A Tool for Expansion

Businesses can use a free virtual phone number to expand their operations. There was a time when only large corporations could afford to build and staff offices and call centers across the country or the world. But with a free virtual phone number, even small businesses can establish themselves — essentially anywhere — without the need for a physical presence.

A free virtual phone number can give even small businesses the telephone capabilities of major corporations. They help with expansion and customer service and, of course, they're free.