What are Free Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are numbers that aren't associated with direct phone lines, but instead lead to a forwarding service that directs the call to a predetermined number or numbers. Businesses use them to save money, to establish a business presence anywhere in the country or the world without being physically located there, and to improve customer service. Virtual numbers are often free with subscription to a forwarding service.

Cheaper is Better

Not only don't free virtual phone numbers cost anything themselves, but they can reduce costs throughout a business. By routing calls to single number or series of numbers, businesses don't need to keep multiple call centers open. By unifying all incoming calls to a single, free virtual phone number, businesses get to run a single advertisement everywhere instead of creating different ads with different local numbers in different regions.

Instant Big Business

A free virtual phone number instantly propels businesses of any size into the big leagues — at least from the perspective of their customers. A central phone number — especially a toll-free number or vanity number — gives customers the perception that they're calling a large, established company. Also, businesses can establish a presence anywhere in the world without having to build or maintain physical infrastructure or even staff in any particular location.

Free virtual phone numbers can improve customer service while saving businesses money. They alleviate the need for regional offices or call centers and — perhaps most importantly — ensure that customers never reach a busy signal or a voicemail.