How to Get a Phone Number Free of Extra Charge

Virtual Numbers

For businesses looking to increase their exposure, especially internationally, one of the best means to do so is a virtual number, with the country or area code of the target audience. Whether it’s Chicago or India, having a virtual free number gives you a virtual presence in that area, allowing you to conduct business with the appearance of being a local. By doing so, it increases your exposure to key areas.

How Can It Help Your Business?

With a virtual number, it unlocks a robust suite of features, like time of day forwarding, advanced call routing, hunt groups and other call forwarding options. It allows customers to call your business wherever you are, and gives you quite a few options for contacting, and being contacted by your customers using more efficient methods.

How to Get One… FREE

Virtual numbers are simply numbers that forward to a new numbers. provides you with a phone number free of extra charge, to demonstrate how effective a virtual number is. Try the features for our trial period, and we guarantee the tools and resources will allow your business to run more effectively.

In addition to free virtual numbers, they also offer very cheap international virtual numbers, forwarding services, and a wide variety of options for your business needs. Tollfreeforwarding provides free and cheap numbers for your business and solutions for your telephone problems.