How to Get a USA Phone Number

What is a USA Phone Number?

Many global businesses struggle to break into the American market because US consumers are often wary of international marketers, preferring to shop with retailers that maintain business locations within the US. Unfortunately, the expense of opening a store location overseas makes initiating US customer relations through an international store front unfeasible for many growing businesses. Thanks to modern telecommunications advances, however, there is now a cheap and easy solution. No matter where in the world your business is located, you can activate a USA phone number that gives your company a US presence without involving international relocation overheads.

USA Phone Number Features

When you activate a USA phone number, you receive an all-inclusive phone system management package that gives you access to free Hosted PBX features. Hosted PBX features enable high call volume management and eliminate long customer wait times. Many businesses find that the improved customer service experience that comes with a USA phone number package leads to better customer reviews and higher return customer rates.

Activating a USA Phone Number

Activating a USA phone number is easier than you might think. Just select “USA” from Country Code’s list of available international area codes, and complete the quick and easy USA phone number sign-up form. If you’re not sure that a USA phone number is the right step for your business, you can choose to activate a free 30 day trial along with your US number. Once your trial is up, you can opt to continue service without signing a contract or paying a service activation fee.