How to Get Your Own 800 Number

Why an 800 Number?

800 numbers are a great way to make sure that others can reach you free of charge. Whether you are an individual or a business, there are benefits to having your own 800 number. As an individual, you become easier to reach and avoid paying expensive collect-call fees. As a business, you project a professional image and help customers reach you easily.

800 Numbers for Individuals

Today many people have cell phones and can easily call both locally and long distance. However, there is still a benefit to a personal 800 number – privacy. If you are a consultant or have many people calling, an 800 number can be forwarded to your regular phone without everyone knowing your personal phone number. You can get an 800 number online or by contacting your local phone company. When selecting a plan, make sure to get the right balance between monthly fees and per-minute cost.

800 Numbers for Businesses

Small businesses benefit a great deal from having their own 800 number. You gain an air of big business professionalism, even if you are a one or two-person office. Also, 800 numbers come with a variety of features that benefit a small business, such as a professional auto attendant and voicemail service. When choosing a small business 800 number, you will want to compare a variety of providers and look for the best balance between monthly costs and per-minute charges, based on your call volume.

Large businesses have traditionally been the primary customer for 800 numbers. With the increasing use of internet technology and social media, some are beginning to wonder if 800 numbers are worthwhile anymore. However, an 800 number still gives your business accessibility to customers and lets them know you are a national enterprise. It also allows you to effectively run call centers to answer customer calls. Businesses can check online or with local companies to find an 800 number. With a large call volume, bigger companies will likely want to focus on low per-minute costs, even if that means higher monthly fees.