How an 800 Vanity Number Can Boost the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

800 Vanity Numbers are one of the most popular tools utilized by business owners engaged in active marketing. For the busy entrepreneur, an 800 Vanity Number can significantly reduce the burden of communications management, while improving customer service and boosting marketing campaign success. So how do you get a Vanity 800 Number? And how can it help to facilitate branding for your business? The process is surprisingly simple, and it will take only a few minutes of your time to get started.

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Branding Your Business with a Vanity 800 Number

A Vanity 800 Number is more than just a phone number, often working to brand your business and rapidly increase incoming call traffic. In fact, according to the Mountain Marketing Group, an advertising survey found that advertisers using 800 Vanity Numbers were getting ten times the response of those advertising with a local numeric number. So how do 800 Vanity Numbers work? You start out with a toll free code. This can be any of the following: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. Of these codes, 800 is both the most popular and the most commonly recognized as a toll free number, with 888 coming in a close second. Once you have chosen your 800 number code, you can follow with a phoneword, a memorable numeric number, or a hybrid number.

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Improving Customer Service Standards

With every successful marketing campaign comes an increase in incoming call traffic. Since many phone systems are not equipped to grow as your business does, this can often cause a decrease in customer service standards, as callers face long wait times and lengthy departmental transfers. Fortunately for 800 Vanity Number subscribers, many telecom providers now included Hosted PBX service with 800 Vanity Number telecommunications packages. Hosted PBX services help to manage incoming call traffic by offering businesses limitless phone system expansion. With no phone line or extension limits, your customer service can finally keep up to speed with your growing business. Hosted PBX service works seamlessly with your vanity number, and never requires any equipment installation or maintenance. To ensure continuously high customer service standards, Hosted PBX even enables call recording with free cloud storage, allowing business managers to review employee phone transactions at leisure.

Marketing and Your Vanity Number

Your Vanity Number brands your business by creating an association between your product or service and your business telephone number. A good 800 Vanity Number should be short, simple and memorable. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid numeric and hybrid vanity numbers, as phoneword numbers are generally easier for consumers to remember. In order to optimize the success of your 800 Vanity Number, try to create as much exposure as possible. Add your Vanity 800 Number to all of your radio, television and print advertisements. And, last but not least, give your vanity number its own jingle. According to Dr. Henry Roediger, professor of psychology at Washington University’s Memory Lab, musical structure acts as a cue that prompts memorization, unlocking the brain’s storage capacity. By putting your 800 Vanity Number to music, you can ensure that customers continuously remember it and associate it with your business.