What is an International 800 Number?

What is an International 800 Number?

An international 800 number works very similar to a local 800 number, in that it’s toll free for customers to call a business. The benefit with an international number is that customers can call overseas without paying considerable charges. This is vital for a business that is considering going global or has a supplier, distributor or other business ties overseas.

Multiple Countries Multiple Streams of Income

International numbers increase the potential for future revenues, and open a wide area of potential customers. Taking business overseas can mitigate risks associated with local business cycles, sheltering customers from economic downturns. Because business cycles are different in China, India, Europe, America, and other areas, conducting business in different places ensures steady streams of revenue from multiple sources.

Going Global

Doing business overseas is not as hard as it seems, especially for an operation that’s already refined and efficient. Many government programs, such as the EXIM Bank allow users the ability to expand globally. However, without global communications, businesses will be hard pressed to convince international customers that they have the infrastructure in place to effectively serve their clients.

As commerce becomes increasingly globalized, businesses are communicating more and more overseas. Because of this increased global communication, not having an international 800 number is causing companies revenues and leaving them behind growth of companies who do.