What are International Fax Numbers?

Improve Business Relations with International Fax Numbers

With international fax numbers from TollFreeForwarding.com, building and maintaining international client relationships is now more practical than ever before. International fax numbers can be activated in 120+ countries around the globe, enabling quick and easy document transfer. International fax numbers are affordable on any budget, and can be activated in as few as three minutes. To find out how to get set up with your first international fax number today, just read on.

Get a Free International Fax Numbers Trial

To try out international fax numbers risk-free for thirty days, just sign up for the TollFreeForwarding free trial. The trial includes comprehensive international fax service, and is 100% free to activate. To get started, just choose the country (or countries) that you would like to improve your business relationship with, and select your new fax number. Once you choose your new number, TollFreeForwarding will activate it for you in as few as three minutes.

Smart International Fax Numbers Features

International fax numbers come free with fax-to-email forwarding. Fax-to-email enables easy international fax forwarding for quick document transmission. Emailed faxes can be saved as .pdf or .tiff files, and can even be password-encrypted to protect sensitive business data. For frequent business travelers, fax-to-email can facilitate easy on-the-go document signing, making maintaining a mobile office a real possibility.

With the TollFreeForwarding Online Control Center, you can manage your international fax numbers from any computer, smartphone or tablet, at any time. The online control center enables number activation and cancellation, and even stores call data. Once your TollFreeForwarding 30-day trial is up, you can view and pay your monthly bill through the control center. There’s no extra charge for access to any of TollFreeForwarding’s international fax features, and plans start out at just $15/month