Outsmarting the Smartphone: Using Mobile VoIP to Stay Connected with Your Business

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In the digital age of the smartphone, you might be left wondering why you would ever need anything else to complete your business. After all, this device is basically like a computer in our pockets, and it allows us the freedom to communicate however we wish. Why would you need something more to connect with business contacts? Believe it or not, there are a lot of reasons to consider making your phone more versatile. For example, mobile service through telecoms is usually very expensive and does not provide the same level of professionalism. For those purposes, mobile VoIP is still your best option.

Sound Professional

Although many telecom providers have options to select the ringtone that incoming callers will hear, most of them don’t really offer any options for an auto-attendant on your mobile device. Your calls won’t be handled by the professional system that most callers are used to, they will just go straight through to you. This doesn’t always look good, particularly if professionalism is expected out of your company. Thankfully, with the help of mobile VoIP, you’ll have access to an auto-attendant. Your calls will be routed through to your smartphone in an efficient manner which will give callers the confidence of knowing that you are running a legitimate business.

Be Versatile

In an office environment, call forwarding is basically a necessity. However, if you plan on doing a lot of work out of the office, it might seem like this little feature has no purpose. In reality, with mobile VoIP you can forward any call to any mobile device, making the service just as valuable outside of an office setting as it would be inside. Thanks to VoIP, you need not worry about giving your personal phone number to clients if you are not prepared to do so; they’ll still be able to reach you, but first they will have the opportunity to experience a proper phone system that will connect them. This will allow you to remain professional while making your business calls as versatile as possible.

Don’t Waste Time

In addition to the benefit of call forwarding, you’ll avoid any time that might have been wasted taking calls that are not meant to be handled by you. A mobile VoIP phone system will connect callers to the department they are looking for, saving you the time and trouble of informing a caller if they have the wrong person. Nobody likes to hear that they’ve called the wrong person, so it is important to avoid giving your personal phone number to a client that might need more help than you alone can offer. Give your clientele the opportunity to experience the business call they are looking for without having to wonder if they are contacting the right person.

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Lower Your Bills

Believe it or not, there is typically no extra cost associated with connecting your mobile phone to your VoIP service. All you need to do is download a free app and you’ll be able to use your mobile VoIP services without any hassle. Considering how cheap voice over technology is in the first place, it’s nice to know that it doesn’t cost much to keep your professional life as polished as possible while expanding the versatility of your business with mobile technology. In addition to the free smartphone apps that will allow you to connect to a VoIP service, you and your employees might actually be able to save money on mobile phone bills . Instead of relying on an expensive plan from a telecom provider, you and your employees could start using free mobile VoIP services for calls, giving everyone the opportunity to downgrade their typical cell phone plan to something much more reasonable. In this way, you could save money not only for your company, but for your employees as well.

Outsmart Telecom Companies

If your mobile service provider isn’t giving you the service that you need for your company, it’s time to outsmart them by taking advantage of the best that both smartphone technology and voice over technology has to offer. Don’t be forced to limit your mobile connectivity to what a telecom is willing to provide – take your professional business on the go with all of the features you have come to expect. Make use of mobile VoIP technology to save money and keep your business running smoothly, even while you’re out and about.