RingCentral Reviews: Business VOIP Phone Systems

How hard is it to use the control panel?

Getting used-to RingCentral’s interface takes some time to get used to. Nonetheless, its appearance isn’t lacking in polish.

How long does it take to activate new numbers?

Phones are numbers are activated immediately. However, devices purchased from RingCentral generally take 5-7 days, depending on shipping method.

How hard to add new numbers?

Because of their focus towards business clients, RingCentral makes adding new numbers relatively easy.

What is the voice quality of calls?

RingCentral’s voice quality has been described as slightly better than the average cell phone call.

What are the different pricing structures?

Professional Plan ProPlus Plan ProPower Plan Standard Office Plan

Premium Office Plan

Enterprise Office Plan

Do they offer fax-to-email?


Do they offer voicemail-to-email?


Can you forward to mobile phones or other phones?


Do they do simultaneous and sequential ringing?


Can you implement rules for time/day call routing?


Do they offer international, country-specific ringback tones?

RingCentral’s website wasn’t specific in addressing a dial-tone unique to a specific country.

Do they offer vanity toll free numbers?


Do they offer free trials?


Do they require contracts?

Yes, contracts last between one and three years.

What are the failover routing features?

Unlike many VoIP providers, RingCentral is set-up so that if internet access isn’t available, all calls go straight to voicemail or a call queue, as opposed to callers receiving a busy signal.

Can you activate multiple extensions?


How does call routing work?

RingCentral offers call routing options through its cloud system, allowing users to manage and modify answering rules via the internet.

Can you transfer calls between extensions?


Can you activate caller identification?