What is a Small Business Toll Free Number?

A small business toll free number allows customers to reach a company from any location for free, transferring the cost of the call to the business itself. The specialized prefix of a toll free number works similarly to an area code, but instead of indicating a geographic location, it tells the service switch point (SSP) that the call is a toll-free communication. Virtual toll free numbers can be purchased online from toll free service providers, and these numbers can be active within a few short minutes. Because the numbers are virtual, they transfer calls digitally over the internet. Businesses can purchase as many virtual toll free numbers as they like, and point those numbers to their main line without disrupting service to their main telephone number.

How to Secure a Small Business Toll Free Number

The rise of internet telephony has given businesses a great deal of options and flexibility when it comes to choosing a toll free telephone number. It is no longer necessary to work with the local telephone service provider in order to secure a toll free number. Web-based applications make securing toll free service a matter of a few simple clicks. Interested businesses can contact online toll free service providers to have new numbers assigned at a much lower cost, and without the inconvenience of telephone hardware upgrades. These service providers are granted access to the SMS/800 database of toll free telephone numbers, and businesses are able to choose from the available options. Businesses can select numbers from five available prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. Toll free service providers can also assign vanity toll free numbers to small businesses, which allow companies to use a phone number to spell out words or phrases, which can help in marketing and branding efforts.

How are Small Business Toll Free Numbers Used?

Small business toll free numbers are typically used to help organizations expand their geographic reach. By giving customers the option to place a free call, small companies can advertise that number in the United States and Canada without having to hire employees in those locations. Similarly, small business toll free numbers can be used to grow international reach. Companies can purchase toll-free numbers in other countries, and forward those numbers to their US locations. The callers cannot tell that their communication has been transferred to the US, and international toll free numbers can be purchased at a far lower cost than through traditional foreign exchange numbers.

Call forwarding is often paired with a business small free telephone number in order to improve customer service. Virtual toll free numbers can be forwarded to any telephone, mobile device, or internet-enabled computer at any time. Small businesses can set up call forwarding at the close of the business day to ensure that inbound calls are answered, rather than forcing customers into a voicemail system when the offices are closed. Small business toll free numbers give companies a great deal of flexibility, and when paired with call forwarding, systems can be customized in order to meet demand.