What are Toll Free 1 800 Numbers?

A toll free number is a number that a caller can use to reach a business or individual without paying for the call. In general, the recipient pays a per-minute charge for the call instead. Toll free 800 numbers are very popular with businesses, especially those that operate in multiple countries. In the United States, toll free numbers begin with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844. More prefixes are added as existing numbers are used up.

Benefits of Toll Free 800 Numbers

There are many benefits to having a toll free number. Small businesses can project the image of a large business by obtaining a toll free 800 number, allowing them to present themselves professionally while still keeping costs low. Larger companies can use toll free 800 numbers effectively through call centers, where they can provide 24/7 service with no cost to the customer.

How to Obtain a Toll Free 800 Number

In the United States, toll free 800 numbers are available both through local telephone companies and online. When looking for a toll free number supplier, companies should make sure that they find a reliable provider and appropriate monthly and per-minute costs. Businesses can also ask that the American toll free number spell a word or phrase, which can make the number far more memorable to prospective customers.

International toll free numbers are not available through American phone companies but are easy to purchase online. Many international toll free numbers begin with 800, but some others do not. Businesses often benefit by using international toll free numbers to expand their business into new markets without making a large physical investment overseas.