What is a Toll Free Number?

Make Communication Free and Easy

A toll free number can give your company the ability to communicate with customers and other businesses at no extra cost to them. Not only will this encourage people to call your number when they need your services, but toll free numbers are some of the most widely recognizable phone numbers in the world, and can sometimes act as their own advertisement. Whether you’re looking to get an 800 number or a vanity number, there are plenty of advantages to giving your callers a free and easy means of contacting your business.

Send the Right Message

No matter what type of business you run, studies have shown that using toll free numbers can significantly improve the percentage of calls you receive. If you’re looking to generate more calls and thus generate more business, it might be a good idea to consider looking into toll free options. When used in advertisements, 800 numbers and vanity numbers often improve the amount of response seen from said ad. If you give them a free and easy method of reaching your business, customers will respond.

Let Your Number Speak For Itself

Almost everyone recognizes a toll free number, especially those with an 800 prefix. There are several different access codes to choose from, but if you choose wisely, your phone number will speak for itself. Whether you choose to go with a classic 800 number or instead decide on another prefix, when people know that they can reach you for free, they are likely to make the attempt to do so.

Give your company a boost in recognition and connect with a wider audience. Even if your goal is to improve communications beyond what social media and mobile ads can provide, toll free options are an effective means of doing so. A study from Google indicates that most consumers who use their mobile device to search for businesses end up contacting them within 24 hours of their original search. If you give them a free and easy to use method of contacting your company, chances are that customers will do just that.