What are USA Phone Numbers?

What is a USA Phone Number?

Breaking into the American market can be challenging if your business isn’t based in the USA, which is why select providers now offer USA Phone Numbers to businesses across the globe. These phone numbers utilize local USA area codes to create the impression that your business has a physical American location. Activating a USA phone number can help to grow your American business presence, making US consumers more comfortable in dealing with your company and product.

What Are the Benefits of a USA Phone Number?

A USA phone number expands the perceived geographical presence of your business, helping to recruit new customer demographics and increase business revenue. USA phone numbers are affordable for companies of any size, and come with the added benefit of free Hosted VoIP phone system features. Hosted VoIP features help businesses to manage heavy call traffic quickly and efficiently, enabling simple call forwarding management and instant line activation.

Activating a USA Phone Number

You can activate your new USA phone number online in as few as three minutes. Once your account is set up, you will be able to manage calling features and add additional lines through your new online control center. Through the control center, you can also customize new phone numbers, activate voicemail to email forwarding, and even listen to call recordings. USA phone numbers are contract free, enabling service cancellation any time. Unlike with traditional PBX phone systems, the technology behind advanced USA phone numbers requires no installation or maintenance, enabling your business to reduce its overheads while increasing its marketability.