What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity number is a phone number — often a toll-free number — whose corresponding letters on the alpha-numeric telephone keypad spell the name of business, a service, a product or an acronym. Businesses choose them because they are easier for customers to remember, they help with branding, they generate more calls and they're easier to advertise. When a business has a vanity number, it also gives the impression of credibility.

Total Recall

A vanity number is easier to remember than 10 arbitrary digits. People can recall a word much easier than a sequence of numbers. This is especially helpful when potential customers aren't in a position to write the number down. Advertising on radio and billboards have proven to be especially effective when they include a vanity number.

Brand Name

A vanity number can do more than just boost an advertising campaign. It can have a direct and immediate impact on branding. 1-800-FLOWERS was one of the first companies to realize that with a vanity number, a business's phone number can become its name, its brand and the most familiar aspect of its public image.

A vanity number costs no more than any other toll-free number, but it can have an enormous impact on a business's advertising and marketing campaigns. A vanity number can be used in conjunction with your current number. Run two ad campaigns — one with a vanity number and one with the number you have now — and see which one generates more calls.