What are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that are not directly associated with a land-line. As a result, they are designed to forward calls to a telephone number selected by the client. This allows callers to dial a local number while still reaching a long-distance destination.

Why Virtual?

Virtual numbers allow businesses to maintain a local presence in an area without a physical office. In addition, companies can save money over traditional equipment-intensive land-line phone systems. Virtual numbers let companies keep costs low and remain highly competitive, even if they are a smaller business in a crowded market.

Virtual Number Benefits

There are a large number of benefits to having a virtual number. Many companies find that these numbers allow them to expand overseas into new markets without the significant investment this usually requires. This gains the business many advantages in their growth and marketing. Many call centers also benefit from virtual numbers, which allow them to appear to be a local company while using worldwide centers to provide effective 24/7 coverage.

Another major benefit is the professional appearance that companies gain by obtaining a virtual number and operating a virtual office. This allows small companies to project an established, trustworthy image while still keeping overhead low and delivering maximum benefits to their clients.