What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Why Businesses Choose Virtual Numbers

The three main reasons that business establish virtual phone numbers are that they're cost effective, they lend credibility to businesses looking to expand and they boost customer service. Virtual phone numbers are numbers that don't connect to a specific phone line, but to a call-forwarding service that routes incoming calls to any line the subscriber chooses. For businesses, virtual phone numbers provide unrivaled flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The Price is Right

When a business subscribes to a virtual phone number service, they're ensuring that they won't have to set up and staff call centers in different regions of the country or world. Since a virtual phone number can be routed anywhere, there is no need to erect complicated and expensive infrastructure. Calls can be sent right to the cell phone in your pocket, if you choose. For the customer placing the call, all they know is that they're calling a business that knows exactly where their call should land.

Virtual Number, Real Credibility

Virtual phone numbers allow even small businesses to establish a national or even global presence. Historically, only large corporate behemoths could afford to establish offices around the world. But with virtual phone numbers, businesses can advertise, sell and ship to anywhere without having a physical presence.

Virtual phone numbers may be the single easiest and most cost-effective way for businesses to establish a practical, solid phone system. No matter when or where the call is placed, it can be routed appropriately, meaning customers are much less likely to get a voicemail or — even worse — a busy signal.